Saturday, October 9, 2010

We're Thinking Pink!

 I am so excited to share with you all that baby  #2 is a GIRL! At least we think.  We aren't 100% certain, but I won't be buying any boy clothes unless we find out any new information when we get to meet our sweet new addition for real.  I got to have an ultrasound yesterday to check on the baby and make sure she was growing well and that everything looked normal.  So far, we are measuring about a week ahead and all measurements were consistant.  I did find out that I have a low lying placenta--and luckily, it has already begun to move up as my uterus has grown to accomodate the growing baby.  The ultrasound tech was able to show me that the placenta was not in fact covering the cervix, but did mention the midwife might want me to have another ultrasound later in the pregnancy to confirm.  Obviously, if the placenta is in the way, I will not be able to have the natural and normal vaginal birth we are all hoping for.  Please keep your finger's crossed for us that the midwife agrees all looks normal and that we can proceed with our natural labor and birth as planned.  Had to take a belly pic so we could have an outside/inside view! 


baby facing down, profile, spine

It's a GIRL! Probably!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

18 weeks, 22 more to go!

17 weeks 3 days

Finally, a month into the second trimester, I am over the nausea.  I have a small hint of it every now and again, but by and large I am feeling better.  This baby is strong--I started feeling him or her at 13 weeks and I swear I felt quivers even before that.  Max was even able to feel the baby at 17 weeks, 3 days.  I am starting to notice braxton hicks contractions, but they are very mild and I know they are nothing to worry about.  They started around this time when I was pregnant with Staci, too.  So far, I've gained 10lbs which isn't too bad. 

 Hello baby number TWO! I am in awe of your existance, to be quite honest. I was shocked, to say the least, when I found out you had set up shop in my belly and planned on staying for quite some time. I am thrilled to have you on board. I often catch myself wondering what you're going to be like; if you'll be a good sleeper much unlike your big sister, if you'll have the same dimples she got, or the infectious giggle. I wonder who you'll look more like, your father or me. Will you love to dance like your mom and sister?

Your mommy wants you to know how much she already loves you, and how much she's looking forward to introducing you to your totally awesome super cool Daddy and rambunctious big sister. I know they are going to have the same kind of awe and love for you I already have. Stay well in there little one, I'll meet you in 22 weeks!

18 months old

Dear Staci,

Staci and her friend Dylan.  photo credit: Elaine Lentz

You are 18 months old, growing like a weed and sharing new vocabulary with us every day.  You will frequently say words that end in 'k', but replace the 'k' at the end with a 'p'.  So, for example, the word 'book' is now lovingly called 'boop' in our house.  You love to go on 'waps' with us and our dog, Shania.  That is, until yesterday, when you said 'wal-KEH' and grinned.  Daddy and I asked you to repeat it a few times just so we could marvel in your awesome pronunciation.

Your mommy is told quite frequently that you are one of the most adorable little girls anyone has ever seen.  I have to agree with them! Your olive skin, deep brown eyes, gorgeous lashes and dimples have got me hooked.

You have a best friend, her name is Bella.  You call her 'Dede' and get so excited when she comes over you can hardly contain yourself.  The last time she walked in our door, you squealed, danced, spun in circles and then fell down.  I am pretty sure it's a mutual feeling, as I'm told Bella frequently asks to come and see Staci.

I'm often surprised by your perceptiveness and intelligence.  You make new leaps and bounds every day, while to me I think you will always be my baby girl.  I'm trying my best to keep up!  The other day you brought me a hat and I said, "this is a hat," and put it on my head.  I gave it to you, and you repeated, "hat" and put it on your head.  I was shocked at how quickly you learned what a hat was and that hats go on heads. 

One of your favorite games to play is 'hide and seek and chase'.  You and your daddy made this one up.  Daddy runs and hides, you come and find him, then turn around and try to run to 'base' (Shania's dog bed) before he can catch you--giggling as Daddy exclaims "I'm gonna get you!"  This game could go on forever as far as you are concerned!  Mommy loves watching and participating as well. 

You still love to jump, and one of your favorite things to do is jump up and sweep your feet forward so that when you land, you land in a sitting position.  Lots of 'WOOAAH's" and giggles follow.

--You are still wearing your 18 month clothing.  It depends on the brand, as some fit you just right and others are beginning to get too short.  It will be time to get out 18-24 month clothes in a month or so I'm betting.

--I keep trying to tell you there is a baby in my belly.  I ask you where the baby is and you say, "Dadi!" but I don't think you understand you're going to be a big sister yet.  That's ok, we have plenty of time to discuss it over the next 5 months

--You are still nursing.  Some days, like yesterday, you will only nurse one time.  Others, you nurse more frequently.  Today you have already nursed 3 times.  I am glad you are still nursing, because I know it is so good for you. and I swear some days the only solid food I can get you to eat is cheerios ("Cheecho's!!") and yogurt ("ya-ya!!")

--You know most body parts and attempt to say many of them

--You love shoes, and especially love to try to wear Mommy and Daddy's shoes.  I see a little girl who loves to play dress up in my future.

--Your mommy is very excited for Halloween this year.  I think we will take you trick or treating but probably not let you eat much of the candy.  Your little body just doesn't need all that sugar QUITE yet.  Maybe next year. Maybe.