Monday, April 26, 2010

She's a Big Stander

Staci is officially standing! Yesterday she did it for the first time on her own--let go of the couch to play with the card she was holding.  I don't think she even knew what she was doing, and when Max and I began clapping and cheering she had this look of bewilderment--and then a giant grin! She stood there for a good 30 seconds at least. 

Ever since last night, she has been working on her new skill.  She has already improved so much--and can stand and clap at the same time! Such a show-off :)

She has also started giving hugs on command.  It is by far my favorite new trick of hers! She has been so wiggley for months now and would never just cuddle.  I swear, one hug from her can make your heart and soul sing.

She is getting so big! She has outgrown her 12mo sleepers and is moving into the 18mo stuff now.  Which means a lot of laundry and organizing is in my future. 

Staci also has some words! Her first official word was 'Hi' and she is still saying it! Now every time we go through a door she will say hi to whoever is on the other side--even if it's no one.  She loves saying hi to the dog and kitty especially.  These are also words for her--'Duh' and 'kiyey'. Last but not least is 'UH OH!'.  she will throw things on the floor just to say, 'UH OH!'.  So. adorable. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

new pictures

Mandy took some amazing pictures of Staci for her one year pics, as well as a few headshots for me and my new website.  Go and see the sneak peak!  Head shots    Staci's one year pics

New Adventures

For a few months now I have been wanting to do a little something to bring some 'fun money' in, but have been reluctant to look for a job outside the home because Staci is still nursing. Also, it's important to me to get to be there for her and watch her grow up. I wish there was a job I could bring her with me to, but those just don't really exist outside of child care--and I'm just not very interested in watching other people's kids! 

Thankfully, I have this really great friend of mine who is an up-and-coming photographer.  You all know who I'm talking about--Mandy Leonards Photography.  She had the idea to have a boudoir marathon, and invited me to do the makeup for it.  It all sort of snowballed from there, and I have started my own business as a professional freelance makeup artist. 

I did a bunch of research (thank you, dear Google) and found what I believe are some of the best and most high-quality professional makeup products on the market and ordered some things to start my kit.  I'm very excited to get it all and play and practice with it!

please check out my website and let me know what you think!

Makeup By Megan Alexis

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh What Fun, YOU ARE ONE!

Dear Anastasia,
  I can't believe this day has already come and gone.  You are O-N-E! You are the light of my life, you make everything more fun.  My friends think I'm crazy for not doing much without you--I need more 'me' time they say.  But who would want 'me' time when I could have 'us' time?  You are hilarious, you are cute, you are smart, and I love you.
  Today was a gorgeous day.  This morning I dressed you in a pretty pink dress with tulle around the skirt at the bottom and a little slice of cake with a candle on it. It was a present from Aunt Windi!  It's your birthday after all.  Your FIRST birthday, and I just had to dress you up!  I sang happy birthday to you a few times and we danced.  You LOVE to dance.  After breakfast, Aunt Mandy and Bella came over and we went for a long walk.  You honked the 'horn' on the stroller and played music for us with the buttons.  You showed Mandy how well you walk behind your push toy; you giggled at Bella.  We ate lunch, you took your nap, and then we headed out to run a few errands.  I made you turkey meatloaf (potentially your favorite food) for dinner and then it was time for bed. 
  Tomorrow is Good Friday and Daddy has the day off so we are going to the zoo to celebrate your birthday as a family.  I can't wait, I know you will love it!

--You are in 12mo sized clothing
--You just learned to clap last week
--You giggle after I laugh--which makes me laugh, and then you laugh more--it goes on for a while like this
--You are still not sleeping so well but getting better and better. 
--You still love to nurse, especially at night
--You are pulling up and cruising and just today stood for a couple of seconds all on your own
--You have now learned how to open the cabinets.  So Mommy needs to babyproof those ASAP!
--You are finally crawling on all fours more and more.  That belly scoot is way too much work!

Mommy loves you.  You are moving into an '8' year which is a money year.  Hmmm perhaps you will start your uber-successful modeling career so Mommy and Daddy don't have to worry about your college fund.  I wouldn't be surprised, you're pretty darn cute.

Another Guest Post

My photographer friend Mandy asked me to write a guest post for her blog on makeup for photography.  Go check it out for tips and tricks you need to know!