Thursday, June 30, 2011


What is it they say? Every time a baby laughs a fairy gets her wings? Well I can certainly see why.

PBS Kids in the Park

A couple of weeks ago, we packed up the girls and headed downtown to take a stroll down

We stopped to bounce a bit

And go down the slide...

Met up with a good friend to see Arthur

and stopped to give Clifford the Big Red Dog a hi-five!

Of course no party is complete without a bounce house...

...and Staci even managed to get on her feet once or twice!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Staci-isms Part III

'I self'--I want to do it myself

'Tyno'--tylenol.  You are finally getting some more teeth and have asked for 'tyno' the last 3 nights in a row at bedtime.  Once your daddy and I realized you weren't just asking for it because it tastes like candy, I gave you some.

Monkah--Monster. Today, you turned around and saw your shadow and exclaimed, "Monkah!!"  you ran over to me and said, "Scarey!"  :( so I guess you're afraid of  your shadow but it is really cute!

Knowing your colors--We have a book that's all about colors, and at the end of the book there's a page with multiple swatches of different colors for you to identify.  You will point at the swatches of color and exclaim, "Green, Blue, Purple, Green!! haHA!"(you clap for yourself) None of them are correct. 

Today, we counted Olivia's fingers and toes together, and when your daddy came home I asked you how many toes Olivia had.  Apparently, she only has two. (in fact, you answered, "Two, two, two," while pretending to count your own toes).

Your favorite thing to watch on TV is Avatar.  This is you pretending to water-bend. I <3 you.

You also have some serious moves.  This is you dancing:

I love this age.  You are so stinkin' cute!


Staci and Olivia--
  I hope you know how special it is that you have each other.  I hope you become good friends as you grow.  I know there will be times, many times, where you won't get along.  But please, keep in mind that you share an amazing bond, one that no one can ever take away from you.  This is just the beginning:

I love how it appears Olivia is almost as big as Staci here...

Happy 3 months Olivia!

Dear Olivia,
  You will be 3 months old tomorrow!  It is simply amazing how fast you are growing.  You've been in 3-6 and 6mo clothing for 3 weeks now, and you are even in 6-9mo sleepers in a couple of brands.  You've grown out of the 'newborn' size diapers I made (my pattern had 'tiny newborn' and 'newborn' sizes) and are officially into the 'smalls'.  At your two month appointment, you were 13lbs5.5oz and 24.5 inches long. If you keep up with your 97th percentile heighth, you may end up nearly 6 feet tall. 
--you are cooing and smiling at us non-stop. 
--I got a giggle out of you for the first time last week, all because I 'booped' your nose. so cute!
--you still love to be carried in the moby wrap or ring sling and fall asleep almost instantly
--you still wake to nurse a few times during the night most nights
--In order to fall asleep, you need to be walked around or nursed and rocked simultaneously. 
--Your sister can always make you smile
--You are not a fan of your carseat.  Car trips, even short ones, are excruciating for all of us.
--You love your playmat! It's so much fun to watch you bat toys around and kick the sides of the arc and get the music and lights display going. 
--If I hold you up in front of me and talk to you, you immediately start talking back to me.  It's almost as if you're saying, "I've been waiting ALL DAY for you to ask me about this, Mommy!" Bestill my heart.
--You are still sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's room, and will be for quite some time I have a feeling.  Mommy loves having you so close.

This is what your cooing is like right now:

I love you so much, Olivia.  I can't wait to see your little personality emerge!

The baby gear you need (you just don't know it yet) part II

Since I last wrote about baby carriers, I thought the next area of focus for baby necessities should be where you can put the baby down. I am a huge fan of babywearing, but you do have to put the baby down eventually, so you can, ya know, pee. or shower. or have some time where no one is touching you.  'No Touch Time' is something I was not familiar with before becoming a Stay-At-Home-Mom--but it is something I crave regularly.

For newborns:

Some kind of playmat, preferably one with motion activated music and lights display.  There are a zillion different ones, choose one you like.  (or better yet, find one on Craig's list for cheap--or borrow from a friend for free!) If the actual mat has colorful and interesting pictures that is also a great place to do tummy time.  
A portable swing or bouncy seat.  Most people I know had/have both a swing and a bouncy, but I don't think you need both to start with.  Find one you can easily transport around the house.  When you have a newborn, it's great to bring a swing or bouncy into the bathroom with you so you can take a shower.  If you get one of the expensive (and BIG) swings with all the bells and whistles, you can't take it with you.  Most babies prefer either a swing or bouncy, so start with one and if your baby doesn't like it, try the other.

Graco Bumper JumperA doorway jumper--significantly cheaper than a jumparoo, takes up less space, and you can move it around the house to wherever you are.  I can't wait to get this out for Olivia!  She'll be ready for it in about another month.

An exersaucer-like activity center.  This is another one of those things where there are a million to choose from, but they are all basically the same.  It's great for working on reaching for toys and grasping.  It's also a great place to put your newly mobile baby if you need to leave the room for a minute, so you're sure they don't end up slurping drano while you put the laundry in the dryer. (First time moms probably think I'm kidding.  I'm so not.)

As baby grows, more and more baby things accumulate in your house until you have totally lost your 'cool' status and your living room floor looks like a Babies'R'Us showroom.  These are the few things I did find absolutely essential for the newborn and infant stages.  What did you find useful? What did I miss?