Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Staci!

Dear Staci

You turned five just a couple of weeks ago. You are sensitive, loving, imaginative, compassionate, wise beyond your years and downright hilarious at times. You give your love freely without hesitation. You rock the crap out of that ballet class and are ready for the next level. You've grown SO much in preschool this year, I'm so amazed. You've made great friends with awesome parents. You've started to recognize several sight words and just this morning did simple math (3+3) in your head very quickly. That shocked me, but it shouldn't. You sing Frozen at the top of your lungs just like your sister--only you're starting to understand pitch and musicality. You. Love. Dresses. I have to share this collage of photos because I think it shows how amazing you are as a sister. You are so great with your little sister, and she is so lucky to have you!! And you are lucky to have her, too.

Photo Courtesy Mandy Leonards Photography

Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite TV Show: Strawberry Shortcake
Height: 42.5"
Weight: 45lbs
Size: 5T

You want nothing more than to ride your bike you got for your birthday in a circle in the driveway for hours on end. But I have to watch you. Every. Single. Second.

I cry every time I think about your going off to kindergarten next year!! Happy Birthday sweetheart. You are loved beyond measure.

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