Thursday, September 16, 2010

kick, kick, kick

Today I am 15 weeks and 3 days pregnant. The whole first trimester flew by, even with the crazy hard core nausea and fatigue.  I am feeling much better these days--especially now that I'm feeling some kicks! I even felt a couple from the outside for the first time tonight.  I called Max downstairs and of course the baby got shy.  It is still early, but it sure would be fun to 'share' the kicks with Max!

I haven't gotten around to taking any belly shots yet, but that needs to happen soon as the bump is beginning to grow beyond leftover Staci and into New Baby territory.  I've been in maternity clothes for a month already.  CrazyTown.

kick, kick, kick... kick kick kick... ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I haven't shared this pic yet, so here is the perfect opportunity as I'm still having a bit of trouble believing it myself.  These are the 3 positive tests I got the day I found out I was pregnant.  I sorta thought the first one was a fluke!  Now that the nausea is mostly gone (Thank GOD!), I'm starting to feel less tired, and at 13 weeks I'm not feeling much movement... it is still hard for me to believe! I mean, I know I'm pregnant, but I think it is still sinking in!