Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Babywearing

TILT is a blog carnival originating from The Diaper Diaries
This topic was recently discussed on an online forum I post on on IVillage.  I have known many of these wonderful women for years, and last November had the privilege of meeting some of them in Las Vegas.  Babywearing is something I don't just love; I'm passionate about it.  I just learned that many of them don't agree with my views--and that's okay.  Part of the reason I love that board is I get to hear all different points of view and no one shuns anyone for being the best parent they know how to be.  It's wonderful.  I LOVE my IVillage girls!!  But since this is my blog, I feel compelled to share a little bit more here than I did there. 

When I was getting ready for Staci to arrive, I read 'The Baby Book' by the Sears' family and just fell in love with the attachment parenting style.  One of the best pieces of advice I got from that book was to wear your baby.  This is a well researched topic, and a great resource where you can read about the documented benefits of babywearing is here

The reasons I love babywearing:

1) It just FEELS good.  Since the day Staci decided to enter this world, I have felt compelled to hold her, soothe her, and be close with her.  Babywearing nurtures her AND me. 

2) Staci hardly ever cries.  Even as a newborn, hearing her cry was extremely rare.  I attribute this to two things--breastfeeding and babywearing.

3) It's easy to get things done around the house!  Need to vaccuum? Mop? do the dishes? cook? you can do all of these things with your baby in a sling.  Some of my favorite memories wearing Staci are at the Grocery store, walking up and down the aisles with her snoozing away, her head against my chest. 

4) It stimulates milk production.  Any breastfeeding mother can identify with the fear their baby might not be getting enough milk.  After all, you can't measure the amount of breastmilk they are taking from your breast unless you have a super duper sensitive scale.  Babywearing helps keep milk production up and has certainly eased some of those fears for me.

5) It's way better than using a stroller nine times out of ten.  It's easier to transport (especially if you have a small 4-door sedan like we do).  it takes up less space--not just in the car, but if you are in a crowded area as well.  You and your baby will always fit in the aisle and between racks of clothes--unlike most strollers.  Besides, what do people do when they go to the bathroom?  I have never figured this out.  Most strollers don't fit...and even if they did I wouldn't feel comfortable closing the bathroom door and leaving my baby in a public place where I can't see them.  Wear them and go on about your bathroom business.  It's so much less stressful!  It does take some maneuvering and getting used to, but it's so worth it. 

At ten months old, I still wear Staci frequently.  Now I put her in the grocery cart most times, but occasionally I decide to wear her because I want her close, and she wants to be close.  Babywearing has become part of my parenting style, and we both love it.


  1. I wasn't really informed with baby wearing when I had my son two years ago. I will definitely be trying it out when we have another one. Thanks for posting!

  2. Rock on Babywearing Mama! I love my Moby!

  3. You did a great job selling babywearing! I wore both my boys but if we have a third I will wear him/her even more. I think the incentive to wear baby increases even more with number two because you need your hands to be free for number one!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. I didn't know anything about babies when I got pregnant and had no idea what to buy. A friend received a sling to review at work and didn't need it so she gave it to me. I absolutely LOVE babywearing...for all of the reasons you mentioned. I can't imagine how parents do it w/o a sling. Oh, but next time I think I'd like a Moby...wonder if it's too late to get one now! My baby's 9 months old...

  5. Love Love Love babywearing!!!!!

  6. I <3 babywearing too! It's really saved my sanity since I've got the three girlies to wrangle now. I never moved past my snuggli carrier with the first two, but it just became so impractical with my 3rd that I looked into learning to wrap and I'm SO hooked. I LOVE wrapping my babe on my back where I know she is safe and I can get stuff done. One of the things I'm looking forward to doing with our newest addition is learning to wrap a newborn! Plus I LOVE that with some wraps and carries, you can actually wear more than one baby at a time (and STILL have both hands free!).

  7. I would like to add that my now 16 month old will actually go and get the Ergo and hand it to me to put on .. hahahaha! Love it though :)